Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cloud rider

Have you ever been so high
So high
Than you knew if you fell that you'd surely die
But climb you did until you were higher than you ever imagined you'd be

That's how I feel
when I'm engulfed in the reflection of your light

You're immaculate
You're unmatched
You're divine

and as I bask in the strength of your divinity
I'm completely lost
but yet for the first time in forever
I'm found

A contradiction that seems to only make sense when I'm with you
and as my pieces drift apart
never to fit again
I'm complete.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The balancing act.

I once knew your face
your eyes were familiar
your smile was home.

Hands intertwined I was never alone
I knew your scent
I inhaled it often.

We fit perfectly
like snow in the winter
fire in hell.

You alone were my everything
and maybe that's what went wrong.

Maybe no one on earth
is meant to be your world.

But you were more than my world.

You were my sun
my moon
and all of my stars.

And I was just your girlfriend.

What an unbalance.

Hitch hiking

I don't plan to fall into the waves and drown
I'm a survivor
Not a strong swimmer
But survive I will

I can't lie down and close my eyes
as the train comes riding near
I'll catch a ride
And drift on by
Leaving it all here

I can't do the defeat part
I just can't

It's too easy.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It's like picking up trash in dresses...

Let me run to you and hide myself in your smile
your hands embrace me
your face captivates me
I am all but drowning in your love

I hope you know
That if this was it
It would be all that I'd ever need

Don't save me
I don't need a superhero
Or a place to find rest
I'm here
with this
and I'm alive in our mess

Let me run to you and hide myself in your smile
and allow me to be at peace
with the reality
that a mess
is all we'll ever be.