Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Clap your hands
and close your eyes
it all comes down to this.

We're lost in each other

Or rather

It's safer to say
that I'm the one lost

In you.

My eye sight is blurry
and your face is all that's clear
and when I try to catch my breath
I instead... inhale your scent.

I used to rhyme and my words made sense
now they're jumbled
and my sentences rearranged
commas misplaced
and capital letters replaced.

You're not my everything
THAT I can say with strength
but you're the rest
and that's a lot.

Love me easy
and leave me wrapped in the safety of your embrace
for I fear the cold
will snatch away the memories

There will never be anyone better than you
and I'll never be the same.