Thursday, March 24, 2016

16 Golden truths in my Golden year!

Last year I turned 26 on October 26th and so began my Golden year or as I like to call it, my year of glorious fulfillment. I was praying about what the topic of the blog should be today and I feel like maybe sharing some truths about myself, being vulnerable and real about my life would be a good idea. After reading this post, if you get through all 16 things, you'll know more about this girl that's just trying to live a life that means something. Enjoy!

1. I'm extremely sentimental. I keep every letter and note that anyone every writes me, even silly ones and every birthday card that anyone ever sends me. There's something about knowing that someone thought enough of you to take time out of their day to write you a note =)

2. I HATE cats but I love kittens.

3. I love public speaking. I love getting in front of a group and sharing my heart or discussing a topic that I have some level of expertise on. I feel like I've been blessed with the gift of public speaking so when anyone asks me to speak in front of a group I get super jazzed.

4. I am disgusted by the thought of going to bed and actually falling asleep with socks on.

5. In 2011 I had one of the most realistic and world changing dreams of my life so far and I'm convinced that one day it's going to come true. Because of that dream, I believe that I'll have at least three kids and the third one will be a boy and his name will be Mason.

6. My favorite numbers are 4 and 16.

7. My favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird. The reason why I love this book so much is because it deals with such a heavy topic yet it's approached from such an innocent and sincere perspective. Harper Lee was such a mastermind with words and I'm truly saddened by the fact that we only have two full pieces of literature from such a legend.

8. My favorite color is purple.

9. I use sarcasm as tool to keep people at an arms length distance in relationships. I have a lot of friends but I wouldn't say that a lot of those people truly know me and that's 100% my fault. I struggle with connecting to people on a level that is intimate and real and not just fun and that's definitely something that I'm working on.

10. I LOVE dogs. One day I'm going to own the cutest labradoodle the world has ever seen.

11. Even though I'm single I know for a fact that I'm going to get married one day. I have never had a successful relationship, that's mostly because I never wanted to be in one and because I always went after the wrong kinds of guys. With that being said, thinking about the journey that God has me on and how I've changed SO much even in the last six months I have no doubt that I'm going to get married and that I'll have the life I want.

12. I can not stand being hot....can't stand it!

13. I used to struggle a lot with food and having healthy eating and fitness habits. Now that I'm older and I've learned a lot about the body and the mind and have grown to truly love myself I still struggle with maintaining a healthy passion for fitness. It's hard for me when I see people who are thinner than I am or more fit than me but I have to remind myself that the only person that I'm competing against is the person I was yesterday and no one else. I feel like I'm at a good place where I'm mentally trying to keep the "why" of my fitness journey in clear view and not focusing on a scale or other people that take away from that healthy and loving perspective.

14. My spirit animal is Mr. Moose.

15. My relationship with the The Lord has grown so much since last summer and I can't help but to mention it in this post. I went from going through the motions in my prayer life and even church to truly coming alive in Christ. I still have SOOO much to learn and so many areas where I need to grow but I'm so glad that I'm not doing this alone and that he's with me, in me and always for me!

16. I've learned that my story is not going to match the story lines that I'm used too, ones that I've seen in movies and in the lives of people around me. Though my life hasn't at all been what I thought it was going to be, it doesn't mean that it's not all going according to plan.

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