Wednesday, March 18, 2015


But today, for once, I'll let myself get stopped in my tracks
and scream words filled with context to the sky

I'll wipe away the agenda as the new plans fills the page
and I'll do all this in memory of your name

When they tell me what to do I'll move in silence
And work around the usual and old me
If they tell me what happened I'll drown out every single word
Because all that matters is the world is missing you.

So I'll take what's left of it and make a movie
And fill the scenes with images that tell your tale
And as they watch their eyes will fill with pain and sorrow
Knowing that our tomorrows came before yours ever will

I'll write page after page just for your name
So that it will never be forgotten or replaced
I'll sing songs that ring with tales of your childhood
And make sure to live the life that you never could

Please forgive me as I walk away from the mourners
Who knew so little yet seem to cry more than I can stomach
Don't judge me for calling them all impostors
That want the attention but never wanted the weight of being your friend.

My only regret is that I really should have loved you
More than you ever asked or wanted me too
I should have wrapped you in the patient arms of Jesus
And let him wipe away all the hurt you wish you never knew.

Sleep peacefully and I pray you want for nothing
As the silence of step two fills your ears
Embrace the love that I hope now surrounds you
and don't look back because all you'd see is our tears.

I'll wait for them to leave before I reenter
And leave the book of you open and your movie on replay
As they read they'll hear your laughter fill the room
And see your stories move like angels on the page.

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