Saturday, March 21, 2015


If it's any consolation
you're not any more lost than you were
before he left.

In case this helps
he still whispers your name
at night
when he sleeps.

This might not make you feel better
but I asked him if he loved me
and he said not yet
not until the last one sets him free.

You're the last one.

I don't think you realize what you did to him
to us.

All you can think about are the bruises on your heart
and the feelings that you're getting as they fade.
but every night I try to wipe away his scars
the ones you left
and realize that some things never change.

So I'll write you this letter
with the meanest intentions
and hope that my anger fades from the paper
before you read it
and the words you have to say to him burst into flames
 in your mouth
before you speak them.

He was perfect
and you the monster that changed his innocent ways.

I don't think I hate you...
but maybe I do.
And that maybe is the strongest truth.

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