Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Words can not contain him.

Inspired by the album - We will not be shaken- Bethel Music

I locked you up inside my chest
and your roar ripped wildly through my heart
you're a burning flame
the brightest blaze
silly me
you can not be contained.

So I open my mouth and praises flood past my lips
it's so new
so foreign
yet I'm home.

As I write and my fingertips seem to move without my control
I feel like a fraud
trying to contain such majesty within such incapable words

What manner of man is this
that even the winds and the seas obey him?
Who are you?
How can I put to words something so big?

Something so immeasurable
yet it fills my soul.
Impossible to put into a box
yet he's constantly by my side.

I tried to lock you up
first in books
and in songs
and in simple "I'm a Christian" declarations
and you came around and turned me on my head.
You took all that I thought I knew
and made it pale in comparison to who you actually are.

Words can't contain you
songs can't explain you
and poems
even when they rhyme
can't seem to do you justice.

You're a burning flame
the brightest blaze
silly me
you can't be contained.

I write poetry. Poetry is what I do, even when I don't post it online I often write poetry to describe what I'm feeling and what's going on in my life. The hardest thing I've ever had to write about is Christ. Truly it boggles my mind. I often feel like I should write about him and post it all over the world so everyone knows how wonderful he is and how he makes me feel. Then when I sit down and try to actually do it, to put him on a page, I often end up coming up short. Every single time I write about him I end up feeling like the words just don't do him justice and they don't. I could be the best writer in the world and I would never truly be able to put him on a page. He's too great. God is too big to be on a page or on a screen, it's truly impossible. Yet all I have are these words and he's the love of my life so I give him my best and even though it's not enough that's almost the beauty of it. My imperfect offering will always pale in comparison to his perfect love. I've never been so okay, so happy, so in love, with such an imbalanced relationship...

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