Thursday, August 27, 2015

For God so loved the world...

When all else fails
and my feet won't hold my body
when the ground underneath me shakes
and I can't see what's before me

I'll lift my eyes to you
and find solace in your presence
my heart will not faint
and my soul will not grow weary
instead it will find joy in your unfailing love

Oh the peace that floods my soul
as I hide in your embrace.
my strength and my redeemer
lover of my soul.

I'm not sure if I believe that words can ever truly express the way that The Lord truly loves us. As humans we're programmed and constantly exposed to conditional love to the point to where when we are presented with a love that is as pure as God's and we hear that it's's often hard to believe.

At least that's how I felt. The idea that God loves me because of who I am, flaws, mistakes, disobedience, sinful lifestyle and all at one point was unbelievable for me. So for years I lived this Christian lifestyle that allowed me to fear God but didn't allow me to be loved by him. The other night I was in my bed crying, overwhelmed by God's love for us and I couldn't believe that for years I lived without his warm embrace, not because he didn't offer it to me but rather because I refused to take it.

The Lord has taught me so much these last few weeks about love and who he is and I'm so amazed by how simple it all is. When I read the gospels and see how Jesus interacted in this world and the instructions he gave his disciples I see that we as humans complicate faith and make it hard to grasp. We think that we have to be perfect or that we're not good enough for him, yet The Lord is asking for us to simply come to him and he'll do the rest.

I love the fact that The Lord doesn't ask us to have it all figured out but rather he asks that we trust him and allow his perfect will to work in our lives. Thank you Lord for your grace and your love and the fact that you loved us so much that you gave your only son to die for our sins. Words can not contain you and that's the beauty of all that you are. .

John 3:16.

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