Thursday, August 13, 2015

Love has a name.

From ocean to ocean
Bank to bank
I've searched

Under every rug
and behind every wall.

Inside every box
and between the pages of every book,

I searched for a purpose
in a world filled with darkness and hate.

I longed for warmth
in the arms of the devil and all of his agents.

I slept at the feet of the broken
hoping that together we'd become whole.

I sought something that would make me complete
something that would add the remaining 24 letters to the inadequate alphabet that was me.

Yet all along there you were
in every dirty situation that I put myself in
that left me broken and confused.

There you were
when scarred hands caressed my sinful body
trying to give me peace.

There you were
when the alcohol blazed fires down my throat
and took erasers to my memory.

Yet I didn't see you

You called my name
and yet I didn't hear you.

You reached out your hand for me
and yet I didn't take it.

Until I did.

Until one day the pain
became too much.

Until one day, the filth
became too much.

Until one day
the thought of living another day without you
became too much.

And it made all the difference.

Your love came down from heaven
and became human for me.

Your love looked at my sins
and washed them away.

Your love took my reflection
which I called flawed
and made it beautiful.

Oh the blood that was shed for us
that we may be called sons and daughters of Christ.

When I came to you with an open heart
and tear stained cheeks
you took my hand
and changed my life.

And what a life it has become.

I thought I was living...
Now I know that I am.

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