Sunday, August 23, 2015

I don't deserve you...yet you're mine.

From the inside out I'll save a space for you
I'll carve out the bad
and leave room for you
my being becoming a place for you
to lead me in your will
and erase the pain
of me trying to guide myself.

If I use up all that's left of me
to make my life an example of your love
Than all of me would be used
to portray you and your ultimate sacrifice
and what an honor it would be.

One day I'll die
and when I open my eyes I'll be in your arms
and my 80 or so years will pale in comparison to eternity
Eternity in your perfect presence.

So carve out the bad I will
and prune out the evil that has made a home under my skin
I'll invite you in so that you can search my heart
search my heart and extract all that's not like you.

My heart burns for you
My soul yearns for your presence
My knees buckle at the sound of your name
and as it comes from my human mouth I can't help but feel like we're not worthy
we're not worthy enough to even speak your name
yet you place it on our lips.
We don't deserve to spend forever in your presence
yet you died so that we could.

My mind tries to understand your love and it escapes me.
I can't conceive it but I can see it everywhere I turn
and feel it in everything I do.

I don't deserve you
yet you're mine
and I am yours.

Oh to spend eternity with you,
what an unearned reward...
what a loving God.

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