Monday, August 10, 2015

Fictional tales

"You can't undo a fall like this!"
They screamed trying to warn me
Because apparently love
Since it can sometimes hurt
Is something worth warning about 

I didn't want too but i heard their voices
And it clouded my judgement 
When i first laid eyes on you
Your smile, though endearing 
Held traces of a warning that finally made sense and was clear

I didn't mean to leave you there
Endearing smile and all
Hands outstretched 
Expecting my embrace
Left empty and scarred

I could love you better
But only if my heart 
Was empty and unafraid

But those voices in my head
And their cautious warnings
Left me fearful instead

So I'll love you like I love the rest
In inhales and exhales as I run
Maybe you should have listened to the voices
Like I did
Instead of opening up
And coming undone 

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