Friday, January 29, 2016

Find your cause...

Yesterday I listened to a sermon that aligned with a dream that corresponded with words that I've heard my whole life. "Find your cause." It spoke about how the world puts our worth in how much money we make and how many things we own but really it's not in any of that. At the end of our lives it won't be our money and our cars that make us smile as we breathe our last but instead it will be the causes that we burned for.

So....what do you burn for? What is the cause, the passion, the legacy that you're dedicating your life to?

It's not the easiest question to answer but at 26, with a life full of years ahead of me I find it terrifying and yet so exciting to think about. Why not start blazing a trail today? Not one that's ignited by what your parents want you to do or what your counselors are advising/ pushing you towards but instead the thing that makes YOU come alive.

So, my challenge, my question, the mission that I'm hoping you're willing to embark on this year is what is your cause? Not mine, not his, not hers but yours. What's inside of you that's dying to come out? Do you know it? Are you searching for it?

If so, I hope that everything around you, everything that you spend your time and energy on is working towards that cause. If not, I hope that you don't feel like a failure or like you're doing something wrong because you're not. I think that a lot of people aren't sure what they're destined to live, breathe and die for but there's no better day than today to find out.

This is your life and if you're not who you want to be and what you see around you everyday is not the reality you want to live, than it's time for a change, it's time to find your cause.

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