Thursday, January 14, 2016

The mindset of freedom.

Yesterday I cut my hair. I went to the store, bought hair cutting scissors, went home, went in the bathroom and cut my hair. It was fantastic. As I palmed the curls and looked at my reflection I felt free. So free.

So what changed in my life from the moment that my hair was there to when it was all gone? Absolutely nothing. What changed was my mindset.

It's so incredible to me the power of the mind and how we let it steer us in different directions but in reality we're in control. I control what I entertain, I control what thoughts I let linger, I control what holds me hostage in my mind.

I was bound because I allowed myself to be. I tied freedom to a frivolous decision like cutting my hair when in reality the freedom was there the whole time. I'm very happy with my hair, I'm happy with my life and I'm happy with the freedom that I feel but it didn't come from yielding scissors. My freedom came from taking control and changing my mindset.

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