Thursday, February 2, 2017

Operation revamp.

It's the first week of February and to me it already feels like such a jam packed year. At the end of 2016 I wrote a list of monthly goals I had for my blog. Things I wanted to accomplish in January, February and so on.

I picked up that list yesterday for the first time this year. It's fair to say that I haven't done a great job of prioritizing this gem lately. I love writing and I love posting each week and I'm not sure why I haven't been setting aside time to make it everything that I know it can be. Time to write thoughtful and relevant pieces that encourage and inspire the people that read them. Some weeks I forget to write a new blog until it's Wednesday night and I only have a few hours before I need to post it and it usually ends up being content that I'm not super excited about. I like being excited about what I write.

So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to take a month. The whole month of February to be exact to do a few things. Some of the things that I would like to do is produce a ton of content, develop a posting calendar, look for a new site to host my blog and search my heart and try to revive my passion for writing and most importantly my passion for this.

I want to always be intentional about my writing. I want to always make it a purpose to post pieces that are well thought out and well thought through. I don't want to be a last minute 'throw something together' artist and I definitely don't want to do this out of a sense of obligation compared to a sense of passion.

I'm really excited for this month and the peace that I think it will bring. I'm excited to seek God and my heart about how to stay engaged, relevant and focused each week. I'm stoked to come up with a mission statement for myself and this blog and to write pieces that align with that purpose and that mission and say NO to things that don't.

Right now I'm feeling a little bit scared and nervous to step away. The fear that I'll lose readers and people will forget about me is weighing heavily on my shoulders but I can't let that deter me from making what I think is the right decision.

 A year ago this week I went to a concert that changed my life. I saw Bethel Music live at their worship night in Denver and when I left I remember being overcome with a sense of courage that I had never experienced before. I left wanting to seek the lost and bring hope and love to those who lack it. I left wanting to be anything but mediocre and wanting that to flow into every aspect of my life.

I don't that it's a coincidence that almost a year to the date I'm on the total opposite end of the spectrum. Feeling like I'm going with the flow and just doing the least amount of work as possible with something that I love so much. So yeah, this new direction is a little scary but I'm a firm believer in the idea that fear often precedes a great adventure and I'm excited for what this month of reflection and redirection will bring. I'm ready to be overcome with courage and love and for that to flow into my work, I'm ready for a revamp.

March. March. March. That's when this beautiful thing will be back up and running and hopefully more engaging, thoughtful and dialogue invoking than ever. See you in a few weeks friends!

P.S. Happy Black History month! Xoxo

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