Monday, December 15, 2014

Oh, to be more than just cute.

Whenever I see my niece Emma, my monster best friend, there are a few things that we always talk about. I always tell her that she's beautiful, I always tell her that she's smart, I always tell her that she's talented and that she can do whatever she wants in the world. Emma is only three.

Sometimes when I leave my sisters house in tears, because I almost always cry when I leave them, I sometimes wonder if I'm doing too much. I wonder if maybe it's not that important to always tell her that's she's not only cute but she's smart as well. Maybe she can just be a little girl and they're cute.

But then I slap some sense into myself and I realize that it's never to early to hear that you are valued for more than just what you look like. I love spending time with my niece, not just because she's cute...but because she's opinionated and outspoken. Emma, my monster face, is insightful and creative, she always wants to know the "why" behind every situation and she rarely takes no for an answer. My little Emma is so much more than just cute.

I rarely get to see her because I travel for a living and I'm only home for three weeks every six months and I want the time that I spend with her to be more than just fun. I want those moments to be filled with laughter and love and with words that build up her tiny little soul and feed her self esteem so that when she's older and someone calls her a name she can brush it off because she knows better.

When I become a mother and I have a daughter of my own, I hope that she is surrounded by people that deposit into her love bank. I hope that she is saturated in love for those around her, for this world and of course for herself.

Emma is the sword fight champion, sass machine, wrestle queen, Fowler family song bird and so much more than just cute!

"Beauty is a radiance that originates from within and comes from inner security and strong character."

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