Friday, May 27, 2016

A dream of mine....

The poem that you're about to read is a piece that I wrote about three years ago. At the time I had never performed my poetry for anyone and had only read a few selections for my friends. It was such a desire of my heart to share my poetry and words with others but I was too nervous. Fast forward to 2014 and I had the opportunity in one six month span to perform three of my poems for the cast of Up with People.

At the time it didn't seem like such a big deal because I was so used to being a part of the program but now looking back and rereading this poem I realize that it really was a dream come true.I went from only close friends hearing my words to a room full of 110 people from 19 different countries listening too and enjoying my pieces. Today it's a reminder for me to never take an opportunity for granted because what feels normal today may in retrospect be an extraordinary moment, a dream coming true.

'A dream of mine'

I want to perform one of my poems in a room full of people
A room filled to the brim with my peers

I want to write words that will chase them
and trace the outlines of their ears
before it fills them.

I want to plant a seed that grows into the biggest sunflower.

A flower that shines so bright that it's named after the strongest light in the sky.

I want to whisper logic.
Words that are so highly valued that the room grows eerily silent as all ears ache for my thoughts.

I want the words that took hours to write
and days to perfect
to fall out of my mouth in minutes.

Spilling into the laps of onlookers

Hoping that their expectant glances won't soon turn into disappointed frowns.

A dream of mine

Would be to shake a few powerful hands with the fingerprints of my ideas. To hand them a problem and beg them to find it's solution.

To mix my passions with theirs and guide them to brighter concepts.

A poem that's more than just words on a page. More than just the ideas of a lost, hopeless romantic soul.

But instead the thoughts of someone overwhelmed with passion.Caught in a naive bubble of a sugar filled world.

Yes...a dream of mine would be to share myself with that room.

Ask them to cup their hands around their ears to make sure no words would slip by.

I'd cry before going on stage knowing that this was it, a dream come true.

A moment where the future was meeting the present and I was caught in the whirlwind.

I'd tell them to close their eyes at the end. So we all felt it.

The love and loss of a dream fulfilled.

My work.

Their ears.

The end.

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  1. Fantastic Nicole and how wonderful you were able to share this with so many others. It sounds like it was a memorable moment for you to share your words, your poetry and artistry with so many others.

    I really like this poem because I felt very connected and close to you when I read this. I also felt a sense of grounding when I read this and I wonder about when you read each word or line out loud. Where do you feel that coming from the most?

    For example, the imagery was quite strong that I cold almost feel it: "...and trace the outlines of their ears
    before it fills them." I really could feel the outlines of your words trace my ears before they were filled. Beautiful and thank you for sharing this :)